Replacement Parts & Accessories

What is the importance of having respirator replacement parts and accessories?

Replacement parts keep respirators in good working order while extending the life and use of your respirator.

Common respirator accessories include:

  • Respirator alcohol cleaning wipes to clean and disinfect your respirator
  • Anti- fog lens wipes to help maintain a clear face shield
  • Clear plastic peel-away lens covers are quick clear peel off layers to help keep the face shield clear of debris
  • Plastic filter cartridge covers to keep moisture and splash away from the cartridge
  • Welding shield kit to convert a standard full face respirator to a welding respirator
  • Spectacle kit for those who need corrective lenses in their full face respirator

Respirator replacement parts include:

  • Respirator inhalation and exhalation valves - Inhalation valves open when a worker breathes in to allow air to flow freely into the mask through the filters. Exhalation valves close automatically when the inhalation valve opens. They open when workers breathe out to release breath and moisture from the mask, making masks more comfortable by reducing eyewear fogging
  • Head straps, head harnesses and nose cups - These parts wear out over time but are necessary to hold respirators securely in place and maintain a seal around the nose and mouth to ensure workers breathe only filtered air.

We are adding inventory to our website daily, if you do not see the respiratory accessory or replacement part you are looking for please contact us - we may have what you need in our warehouse or we will order it for you!

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