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Proper decontamination setups include a dirty room, a shower room, and a clean room to ensure workers exiting the jobsite are clean of any hazardous materials.  We stock the original and ever-popular aluminum “pop-up” shower by Aerospace America® as well as the ever reliable disposable decon shower by TM PolyFilm®.  These decontamination showers can be set up in minutes and provide simple, safe, and effective temporary sanitary facilities for your  jobsite.  If you need assistance selecting the right decontamination shower, or you need parts to use with your existing setup, please contact us - we are here to help!

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What is a decontamination shower?

Portable decontamination showers, also referred to as decon showers, are specialized showers used by workers performing hazardous asbestos or lead abatement.  The process of abatement requires workers to be exposed a contaminated environment for extended periods of time.  At the end of each work shift, the each individual showers and exits the jobsite free of any asbestos fibers or lead dust. Decontamination showers are set up at the exit with three rooms: dirty room, shower room and clean room.  This 3 room layout is an integral part of the whole decontamination process. The dirty room is where the contaminated PPE is removed. The shower is equipped with soap and warm water to wash thoroughly.  The clean room is where the individual will dryoff and re-dress into clean hazard-free clothing.

What types of decontamination showers do you offer?

We keep stock in two different styles of decon showers.  First, is the popular Aerospace America Pop-Up Decontamination Shower (#9105).  This shower is constructed out of lightweight aluminum, is portable, collapsible and reusable. The TM Polyfilm Decon shower is a PVC pole and poly sheeting three room shower unit that is economical, lightweight and disposable.

What path does the water take in a decon shower set up?

  1. Clean water is plumbed via a hose into the shower head
  2. As the water exits via the floor drain it passes through a 100 micron sock filter (1st stage of filtration)
  3. The waste water collects in a reservoir pan below the shower deck
  4. The water pump is connected to a hose fitting in the side of the reservoir pan and as waste water level rises the pump begins sucking the water out of the reservoir and into the first filtration chamber of the pump
  5. There are two cylindrical filtration chambers within the water pump. The first chamber houses a 50 micron filter (second stage of filtration) and the second houses a 5 micron or 25 micron filter (this is the third, and final, stage of water filtration).
  6. The water is drained out the exit of the pump as clean, decontaminated water

Products, parts and accessories you need to properly set up a decontamination shower:

  • Shower stall unit (aluminum or poly)
  • Shower head
  • Soap
  • 100 Micron Sock Filter
  • Disposable towels
  • Two Stage Water Pump
  • 50 & 25 or 5 Micron water filters
  • Water Hose
  • Warm water source
  • Heavy Duty Extension Cords
  • Back stock of replacement water filters
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