Nilfisk® ATTIX 19 AE Flood Sucker Wet/Dry Sump Pump Vacuum

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  • Collects and discharges nearly one (1) gallon of water per second!

  • Quickly remove water and dry flood-damaged carpets, floors, basements and more

  • Versatile, 3 mode functionality sump pump vacuum: Vacuum Only Mode, Pump Only Mode, Vacuum & Pump Mode

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Nilfisk® ATTIX 19 AE Flood Sucker Wet/Dry Sump Pump Vacuum picks up nearly one gallon per second and has a built-in, automatic discharge pump that operates simultaneously with the vacuum. It separates solids into a stainless-steel basket inside the canister while liquids are simultaneously discharged through a standard 1.5-inch fire hose (optional). The powerful discharge pump is capable of pumping water up to 23 feet vertically and 300 feet horizontally.

Where ordinary sump pumps leave a level of one to one-and-a-half inches of liquid on the ground, the Flood Sucker removes liquids and brings surfaces to a completely dry stage. This unit is effective in helping flood-stricken customers clean and dry their flood-damaged carpets, floors, basements and more. It cuts man-hours by eliminating the time-consuming task of manually dumping the vacuum canister.

A unique feature of the machine is the recovery container, which can tilt or be lifted out, making emptying hassle free.

This machine can be operated in three modes:

  • vacuum-only
  • pump-only (which allows you to trap liquids and pump them separately)
  • simultaneous vacuum and pump

The Attix Flood Sucker is the ideal solution for flood restoration companies, abatement contractors, fire departments and municipalities.

Technical Specifications:

Model                              Attix 19 AE Flood Sucker

Part #                                302001541

Power                               1.6 HP

Power Peak                     8.5 HP

Air Flow                            140 CFM

Water Lift                        105 inches

Noise Level                      57 dB(A)

Container Volume          19 gallons

L x W x H                          24 x 23 x 38 in.

Shipping Weight             97 lbs.

Power Cord Length         25 ft

Voltage @ 60Hz.             120v

Power @ 50 Hz.              1000 Watts


  • Accessory Holder
  • Cable Hook
  • Rubber Cable
  • Soft Start
  • Tool Deposit


  • 1.5’ x 13” hose
  • Curved Wand
  • Extension Tube
  • Industrial Squeegee
  • Filter Cartridge


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Color Navy Blue
Brands Nilfisk
MFG SKU 302001541
Material Stainless Steel
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