Fiberlock LeadSafe™ Lead Dust Cleaner Concentrate

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  • Concentrated product specifically to assist in the cleanup of lead dust after lead abatement

  • Chelating agents bind to the lead dust

  • Fast cleanup and compliance

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LeadSafe™ Lead Dust Cleaner is a concentrated product specifically to assist in the cleanup of lead dust after lead abatement projects, construction, renovation or any activity which disturbs lead and creates dust. This product has been formulated to remove more lead dust than ordinary cleaning products, by utilizing chelating agents similar to those given to individuals with lead poisoning. These chelating agents bind to the lead dust and help hold it in suspension so that it can be easily rinsed away. Available in quart or gallon containers.



  • Contains active chelating agents
  • Faster cleanup and compliance



Dilute 6-7 oz. per gallon of water.

  • One 32 oz. bottle will make 5 gallons
  • One gallon will make 20 gallons
  • One gallon of diluted product will clean approximately 500 square feet of hard, non-porous surfaces.


Cleaning Procedure

Clean and remove all belongings from the area to be cleaned. Prior to application use a HEPA filtered vacuum on all surfaces. Starting at the end farthest from the exit, vacuum the room towards the exit beginning at the top of each room and working down. When applying the cleaning solution start in a far corner working towards the exit of the room to avoid re-contamination of the cleaned areas. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves and eye protection during any lead abatement or cleanup activity. See warnings below for additional precautions.


Three Bucket Cleaning System

By following this system you will minimize the risks of reintroducing lead back into the cleaned environment.

Bucket 1 – Contains uncontaminated LeadSafe cleaner solution.

Bucket 2 – This bucket is empty and will be used to hold all dirty water.

Bucket 3 – Contains clean water for rinsing.

  1. Using a mop, rag or sponge dip into bucket #1 and begin cleaning surfaces until clean.
  2. Ring out mop, rag or sponge into bucket #2 and return to bucket #1 for more cleaning solution.
  3. Use clean water from bucket #3 to rinse surfaces

Replace cleaning solution and rinse water when dirty. For tough to clean surfaces including porous surfaces use warm water when mixing the solution and allow the product to sit for 10 minutes prior to cleaning.



Warning! Children and pregnant women should never participate in any activity which could result in them contacting or ingesting lead, lead-based paint or lead dust. All individuals should where rubber gloves during lead abatement or clean up. If ingested, lead dust can result in lead poisoning. Wash hands, face and any exposed skin before starting any other activity including eating or drinking. Contact federal, state and local environmental agency to determine the appropriate method to dispose of all contaminated materials including mops, rags, sponges, buckets, clothing, rinse water, cleaning solution and clothing. Store in a dry place at temperatures between 40°F (4.5°C) and 90°F (32°C).

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Product Data Sheet (PDS)


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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