Disposable coveralls - the shield between you and the hazards!  


What are disposable coveralls?

Disposable coveralls are designed to be worn over personal clothing and provide protection against a wide range of particulates such as dirt, dust and grime, asbestos fibers, chemicals, paints, varnishes, aerosols, liquid splash and spray hazards as well as chemicals or microbes.  In cleanrooms or in the production of pharmaceuticals they protect against contamination by staff.

Where are disposable coveralls worn?

  • Paint Spraying
  • Mold Remediation
  • Lead & Asbestos Abatement
  • General Maintenance & Repairs
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Agriculture & Gardening
  • Insulation Work
  • Automotive Repair
  • Sandblasting
  • Medical Environments
  • Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms

What are the advantages of disposable

protective clothing?

  • Very light material which does not restrict freedom of movement
  • Guaranteed 100% cleanliness (put on new coveralls every time)
  • Excellent protective properties
  • No washing, maintenance or repair costs
  • Economical - low purchase costs
  • Minimum place needed for storage, suits come in a case of 25
  • Simple disposal process – just take off and throw out!

Material:  Most disposable coveralls are constructed of nonwoven synthetic fabric. As they increase in protection levels, different materials will be laminated together to increase strength and decrease permeability. 

  • Polyethylene coated - Polyethylene coated polypropylene (PP + PE). General-purpose laboratory use, anywhere light splash protection is needed.  Anti-dust, anti-bacteria, fluid resistant, water-based liquid protection.
  • Polypropylene - Spunbonded polypropylene. Basic protection from grime, dirt, and dust in medical, industrial, institutional, service, and household environments.  Eco-friendly, breathable, soft and very lightweight.
  • Microporous - Microporous film over spunbonded polypropylene.  Widely utilized in medical, industrial, institutional, and service environments where anti-bacterial or waterproof barrier protection are required.  Durable, waterproof and breathable.
  • SMS - 3-Layer polypropylene = Spunbonded Polypropylene/Meltblown Polypropylene/Spunbonded Polypropylene. Thorough protection in medical healthcare, industrial, laboratory, institutional, and sanitation.  Limited fluid and particulate barrier. Resistant to tears and punctures. Lightweight, breathable, tear resistant, breathable, waterproof.
  • High Density Polyethelyne - Tyvek®.  Industrial safety, biological hazard protection, painting. Asbestos abatement or installing insulation. Manufacturing, automotive, and utilities.  Protects against small hazardous particles; such as lead, asbestos, and mold. Superior barrier protection against hazardous materials for industrial workers and more.


Another factor in selection of coveralls is the construction details. There are suits with attached hoods and boots, no hood and no boots, elastic wrist and ankle cuffs, just hood, or just boots. Most suits feature a long front zipper closure.  The more protective suits will also provide a strip of tape along the zipper flap to seal the zipper seam completely.


Another construction consideration is the type of seams. The most common construction is serged seams.  If more security is required, a bound seam will hold the garment together with a lower failure rate. The strongest seam is sewn and then sealed with heat sensitive tape.


There should be room enough to perform all movements without stressing the seams of the garment, but not so much room that the suit gets hung up on objects in the work environment.  When hazardous substances are involved training on the proper removal and disposal of the garment is very important.

A closer look at the brands we carry:

Lakeland Polypropylene – Style number 518W & 518B.  These lightweight disposable polypropylene coveralls are popular for all industrial and residential contractors. Made of extra lightweight breathable spunbound polypropylene material they provide protection without heat buildup. These coveralls are flexible and soft while offering excellent protection against a wide range of dirt, dust, non-toxic spray hazards. Designed with an attached elastic hood, front zipper closure, elastic wrists and attached boots. SHOP

Lakeland MicroMax® - Style number CTL428 & PVN414. These suits provide protection from dirt, dust, grease, grime and light chemical splash with attached hood and elastic wrists and ankles, made of 55 gram Spunbond Polyproylene (SBPP) with Laminated Microporous Film. SHOP

SECI™ MultiGard™ - Style number MG414. Multiguard™ features a zipper closure, serged seems, and attached hood and boots for maximum protection.  This suit offers lightweight & economical protection from dry particulates and light liquid splash.  Suitable for use in a wide-range of environments where hazardous and/or non-hazardous contaminants may be present.  Constructed with a microporous film laminated to spunbond polypropylene (SBPP).  High Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) provides superior breathability for worker comfort. SHOP

XPOSURE GUARD™ - Style number XGMP122. Xposure Guard™ is a microporous coverall w/ elastic hood, sewn seams, storm flap, elastic wrist and sock boot. Tough and highly breathable (MVTR) fabric manufactured to the BEST FIT™ design provides workers with economical and comfortable protection. Designed for wet or dry environments to protect workers from hazardous contaminants and/or non-hazardous dirt, grime, splashes and spills, with a design that delivers top of the line comfort, movement, and enhanced protection.  SHOP


Why Use Disposable Coveralls from Safety Environmental Control?

Disposable coveralls allow you to protect yourself from dangerous particles, chemicals, and splashes on the job. Whether you are working in the construction or medical industry, we have the right coveralls to meet your needs. Safety Environmental Control carries a large inventory of polypropylene coveralls, coveralls with hood & boots and more. As is the case with all PPE, staff at SECI is happy to assist you in selecting the best options for your specific needs. The more information you can provide, the better we will be able to help! Contact us today!

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